Book Review: A Place For Us Part Two by Harriet Evans

To Read my review of A Place For Us Part One by Harriet Evans please click here.

Another enthralling edition to this series, Martha, the family matriarch finally tells the family her dark secret but Bill and Karen have to face some hard facts about their marriage.

I don’t often gravitate to serialised books as I find it hard to break concentration waiting for the next instalment and even very good writers cannot recapture the mood in a reader after a prolonged break, but Harriet Evans has managed to keep the flow and interest up in this second book. However, I don’t think reading book two first would give the impact the story has when read in sequence and as good as it was to finally find out Martha’s secret, it lacked the suspense and mystique of book one in my opinion. I already have book three lined up and after the revelation in book two, I am filled with anticipation of what could be waiting for us…


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