Book Review: Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse

Hannah left a lucrative job in advertising in New York to move back to the UK with her husband, successful business owner, Mark. When Mark fails to return to the UK one evening, Hannah’s enquiries and suspicions lead her to find her savings gone and history about her husband and his family he deliberately hid from her. Is she in danger? From whom?

I loved reading this highly recommended mystery psychological thriller, Hannah was a likeable character and the plot gave plenty of twists and suspense to keep this a mesmerising read right through to the end. The book was easy to read and the writing style very good. There were a trail of clues and suspicions that I followed as a reader and I guessed the ending which was in equal parts satisfying and a little disappointing, but what a journey! Based in areas of East and West London I am very familiar with, I was transported to the setting of where it was all taking place.

Hannah’s fears, frustrations and reactions were easily relatable and the fear factor that this could be happening to anyone you know kept giving me goosebumps. A well told thriller and an exciting read, I have already invested in another book from this author, who will be added to my list of favourite thriller writers. Another great recommendation from The Tv Book Club Facebook Page.



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