Book Review: The Volcano Dancer by Brad Keena

There’s a lot going on in this book for protagonist, hero and everyman Rick Morrow. Firstly his wife and nine year old daughter die under mysterious circumstances on US Army property and he is told basically to forget about it and move on. In the devastation that follows Rick finds himself piloting a commercial airliner when the pilots get taken ill, he has to sell his inheritance to pay inheritance tax and he basically becomes homeless as he goes on a quest to find out what happened to his wife and daughter.

In this quest he meets Ronnie and friends and shortly after saves Ronnie’s life. Subsequently, after a shaky start Rick befriends Ronny’s sister Nikolette who accompanies him on a journey to find answers, for him and herself, from the higher echelons of various government agencies. After many more heroic gestures the mysteries are solved and Rick and Nikolette have to deal with what they discover.

I found reading this book like reading a series of shorter stories strung together, Rick is faced with a huge number of incidences where he has to step up to the plate and for a former co-pilot he handles himself pretty well and although likeable I felt he was too much of a hero, always in the right place at the right time, and that took the plausibility sparkle away from this story for me.

The action sequences are well written and exciting to read but I did find the storyline repetitive in places and the narrative slowed by these side-stories placed along the way. Overall it was an interesting read but didn’t keep my pulse rate up as consistently as I would have hoped. An interesting read for those who like to read government conspiracy type thrillers.


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