Relative Recovery Month

The month of May has been an eventful month for me. My Bells Palsy has been getting a little better each day and apart from turning 40, I went weeks without any spots, my pores are much smaller than they were at the beginning of the month and I have managed to free up a lot of personal time to read, exercise and play games on my Nintendo Wii and take care of personal grooming. We have had a clear out and made space for ourselves, as a couple. Taking care of ourselves is something we have always skimped on, but with getting older and various stresses this month was a good time to balance ourselves. We went out on dates, spent time just being together, went to the theatre and made plans to go to comedy clubs and more shows.

When I mention personal grooming I am focussing mainly on haircare, although hair removal usually takes up one morning every 8 weeks for me at Lerage, where the staff are welcoming and reassuring for all my waxing needs. Anyway, back to haircare-I have never enjoyed going to the hairdressers for various reasons and I try to minimise my visits by going every 3-4months, because of the length of time between visits I work hard with my long hair to keep it in condition.

My hair is thick and wavy, it borders on frizzy if I do not condition it properly. I use Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Products to wash and condition and I use ESPA Pink hair and scalp mud every fortnight overnight to add extra conditioning. This combination works well for my hair and reduces the time I need to tame and blow-dry my hair. I never refuse a hair mask or treatment when I go to the hairdresser as my hair needs all the conditioning it can get. I have mislaid my hair-straightener, so that’s one less assault my hair deals with at the moment.

In the last 2 years my hair has greyed considerably and I choose to colour it once a month, I have tried various colouring products but the best result I have ever had has been with eSalon. it does work out more expensive but the colour result is better than the box colours I have used. When using eSalon hair colour, or any hair colour in fact, again you do have to work hard to keep your hair in good condition. I use colour protect conditioners or masks in addition to my usual Macadamia hair shampoo and conditioner. I tend to stick to L’Oreal when selecting colour protection products for my hair. eSalon offer a shampoo and conditioner, which are effective too but pricey and no better than the L’Oreal coloured hair conditioners in Boots, I find.

Next month I will be braving myself to try another new local salon via the Wahanda website, where you can read reviews from previous customers and get great introductory offers for haircuts and re-styles etc. as I live in Birmingham, I find I have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing hairdressers and Wahanda helps immensely to narrow down those choices and find a relatively good hairdresser most of the time. I hope to be a loyal customer of a hair salon this year, but I am still searching for the one that has everything and a hairdresser or two who understand my hairstyle needs. So keep watching this space…



    1. I’ve used both the oil and mask, the oil is brilliant and I only just ran out of it last month. Definitely worth the hefty price. The mask I find less convenient than the ESPA one as I can leave that one in overnight and the Macadamia one you have to loiter with it in for 15 minutes.


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