A Good Wax Should Never Go To Waste

After a tumultuous start to the week I had a morning of hair removal booked. I know many of you would like to stop reading now but please don’t, you’ll miss all the good bits of what I’m about to say, no really there are some! (No sarcasm.)

Wednesday morning I returned like a bad penny to be waxed at Birmingham’s Premier Wax Studio. I started getting waxed with them a couple of years ago I think and I must say despite a dozen or so changes in venue until they finally settled at their current premises, I followed them everywhere because they really are that good. No stray hair is ever left and no unused wax is used on a stranger. Booking is online and very convenient. This time I had Michelle who has been waxing since the 80s and we had a good old chinwag about hair removal and other things.

After this literally baring and rewarding experience I found I couldn’t walk past a branch of Waterstones (not because of the physical pain of waxing) placed conveniently between the Wax Studio and the Bullring. Well of course I went in. I bought the absolute essentials which were Joyland by Stephen King, which is only available in print and because it would have been rude not to take them up on the buy one get one half price offer, I also bought Dolly by Susan Hill. I stuck to the old horror genre there even though there were dozens of books I would have loved to take home with me. I can’t justify buying them of course, as I am heavily dependent on the Kindle for my reads where I think this month I’ve had a rather florid frenzy of buying books, so I’m all locked and loaded for the next two months I think.

We had just enough time to visit Selfridges and I went to a place called Blink on the top floor where a young lady threaded the “full growth of hair on my face,” her words not mine, I thought we all had facial hair on account of being mammals and I rather foolishly thought mine was very discrete but apparently I should be removing mine monthly. After this rather prickly procedure the young lady trimmed the hedges on my face which are my eyebrows and then rather surreally drew my eyebrows back in. So after having yards of hair removed on Wednesday morning I found myself having some drawn back in on my face! No I don’t look permanently surprised, thank you, but apparently my eyebrows are the one place on my body where I don’t have enough hair(!)

Beauty is a funny old thing, it really is! I don’t think I will ever have a natural affinity for grooming but I’m jolly glad I did as after a minimal amount of moaning on email this morning, I have a pencilled-in date for my cystectomy and laparoscopy. Huzzah, I hear you! I’ve been tentatively told 10th March, which means admission the weekend before for an elective Iloprost infusion. This if it goes ahead will be great as I won’t miss group therapy starting a few days after my procedure AND most importantly won’t need to get another wax!

If you haven’t done so I would really encourage you to read the Action For Elephants Website, please read and support these inspiring individuals who are trying to stop the slaughter of thousands of elephants worldwide.


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