I am an enthusiastic member of Slimming World, my husband is a target member and I was voted Woman of The Year in my group this year, however, it didn’t stop me from binging on chocolate Monday and a Tuesday this week. I’m not sure why I’ve lost control this week. I have lost nearly 2.5 stones since January 2012. I have come off my insulin and blood pressure tablets. I look much better even to me and clothes fit better, I have a wider choice in clothes yet despite these wonderful positive things I haven’t lost weight in the past 2 weeks.


I’m not perfect and I need to stop putting pressure on myself to be perfect. I can’t be someone else so I need to stop comparing my weight loss and it’s rate to others. I am here, I am losing weight and I’m thinner than I was and hoping I continue this Slimming World journey even if the road is a bit rocky and rough on the way.

I have felt unwell and have had to stop my efforts towards my gold award which I have to re-start. That was upsetting as I was over 4 weeks through on a 8 week training schedule. I think my disappointment at lapsing this has a lot to do with me craving chocolate.

I want to increase my super speed food intake today. I want to fill myself up with foods that will increase my weight loss as a result of its fibre content. Today is a new day. I hope I grab it and make myself feel better. I need to take inspiration from around me and stop my self-sabotage.