Book Review: And Still She Wept by TC Barnes


New York Detective Frank Reilly is a man with a mission. After having lost his wife to cancer, he is drawn back from the brink of an emotional abyss by the murder of a young girl who looks just like her. With nothing else to assuage his grief, he throws himself into the case with every ounce of passion still left inside him. But with little evidence to go on, his case quickly grows cold. When another victim is killed in exactly the same manner over five hundred miles away, Reilly realizes that there may be a serial killer at work. Going against the advice of his superiors, he flies to North Carolina to continue his hunt for the sadistic murderer. Reilly knows that his only hope of success is to convince the Sheriff of Camden County that both crimes are connected. To his relief, Claire Stiles immediately recognizes the undeniable similarities between both cases. Fueled by the furious and unrelenting desire to find the killer, they work together day and night. Unexpectedly however, they find themselves growing closer in the process. In order to understand what tenuous link binds the victims together, Claire and Reilly leave no stone unturned in their desperate search for the killer. But when yet another girl is abducted, Claire and Reilly must put their own lives on the line in order to stop the madman, before it’s too late.


A really compelling plot and likeable characters but this book needed some serious editing. The author is overly verbose through the entire book as well as repetitive. Accents on the action are lost as we have to wade through too many statements telling us things we don’t need to know and can already guess.

I would read another book from this author as long as the total reading time on my kindle doesn’t exceed 24 hours!

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