Seasonal Slimming

This week my Slimming World group lost a massive 118.5 lbs! I contributed 2.5 lb to that total but I was really inspired at group with the big and small losses. The Christmas treats are in every supermarket you go to and I love mince pies this time of year as well as stollen and chocolate and all the things that make up Christmas food.

I have continued with my one treat a day plan and I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I’m nearing my next half stone loss and I have dropped another dress size. It has been hard going motivating myself to do body magic but I am on week 2 of the gold award and am hanging in there.

Things I’m looking forward to are going to the Christmas Market with my best friend and cinema afterwards, more Christmas shopping and opening my presents. I have instructed/dropped big hints every way I can and I think I’ll be doing well when I open my presents this year.

All in all I’m very excited early about Christmas this year and have nearly finished all my Christmas shopping. I REALLY want my next half stone award before Christmas and am keeping everything crossed and as much super speed foods as I can nearby.


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