Tinky and the glaring

Tinky has now made herself chief spokesperson of our group and the others let her do all the vocalising and demanding but come to us for hugs and kisses. Basil may have actually made some inroads into Tinky’s affection as I caught him washing her head the other day. I stood in dumb silence at the scene as it seemed almost too good to be true and very sweet.

We are still getting the welcome matt presents from Tinky and have removed the matt and bleached and clean the area as required. We are hoping frequency of leaving poo there will reduce in time and are keeping the other 5 litter boxes scrupulously clean.

Tinky gets on with everyone but Sally. This could be because Sally is a huge diva, I mean we are talking Diana Ross proportions and Tinky isn’t very impressed with her airs. Bridgette, Sally’s youngest kitten is totally agog at Tinky she looks up to her for inspiration. I think we may be seeing changes in our meek baby Bridgette soon…

On the plus side for the group having a gobby, loud cat who howls for your breakfast for you but then leaves you to enjoy it while she howls for something better is just ideal. She doesn’t get anything better because they all get the same. So Tinky is accepted for her uses by the glaring.

All food portions have doubled for winter now in both door and outdoor cats, and warmer bedding and heating is on for those in our cat houses. I swear the cats have this excitement in their eyes for Christmas coming soon and me singing them carols as I clean out their pens and replenish their food. I am on the hunt for a Christmassy wind chime for them…


Basil in the hammock, Victory above him, both contemplating potential places of nap


Tinky bringing us the news that they are all hungry at 5 am this morning.


  1. I love the idea of one of the cats crying to get food and then leaving it to the others while he cries for something better! Useful reminder about the heating. The weather has certainly changed now but Pusia is still galavanting around outside!


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