Book 1 in the Heller series. Despite having no experience or skills, Tilly Chalmers can’t believe her luck when she lands a dream job in a security and surveillance business owned by the dangerously attractive Heller. But she soon discovers her new boss is a man of many secrets. And what is she to make of the strange group of people who live with him? After her first two assignments go disastrously wrong, and with a ruthless competitor on the scene, Tilly must decide if she has what it takes to survive the rough world of security work.


I found this book entertaining and humorous on the whole, although there were parts of it I found implausible (probably an understatement), for example a group of women from the US who have never seen a make up being removed, a push up bra or lacy underwear, a doctor ignoring basic head injury protocol, however, it didn’t fail to entertain and despite the books shortcomings, I rather liked Tilly.

I suppose I’ll have to read the sequel but I’m hoping it won’t irritate and be just as entertaining.

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