Another Milestone in My Slimming Journey

Today at my Slimming World group I found I had lost 2.5 lb from my last weigh in last Saturday. I was very pleased as I reached another stone award and after eating at least 2 stodgy hospital meals I had not gained or maintained weight. I also reached my interim target and set a new one and next week will be my free week for reaching Club 10. So in hindsight, for me, that’s a number of milestones. It has taken me 9 months to get here, but I’m glad I am here. I’m glad I stayed the course and didn’t use slow progress as an excuse for no progress.

I could not see myself losing this amount of weight when I first joined and I am still not sure I am mentally prepared to achieve my next stone award, but after going through our cloakroom and throwing out a number of coats that are now too big for me and finding myself fitting into coats I wore 10 years ago, I think there’s no stopping progress.

The two major hurdles or potholes in my way are, not eating enough and losing variety in what I am choosing for my meals and snacks. This is where the Slimming World Magazine comes in and also I think I need to look at seasonal dishes that I can tweak for Slimming World. I need to rediscover some things like savoury biscuits and get rid of some things like low fat crisps, which are becoming too staple, comfortable and boring.

I have not celebrated my milestones this week like I usually celebrate stone awards as I think they propagate bad habits that I have successfully modified. So instead I am concentrating on ways to increase my rate of weightloss, which for me means reinstating breakfast and doing more body magic. However, my current discomfort from my endometriosis just makes me want to curl up. This is ironic as my Pulmonary Hypertension is better. I still really hope my next blog about a stone award isn’t too far behind this one.


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