The positives and negatives….

I’ve attempted to write this blog post 3 times now. Each time I have stared at the blank page wondering what to write and the words I have put down have failed to reflect any significant part of what I am currently feeling. So I decided to approach it from a different direction.

The Positives

I remained on Slimming World plan this week despite my 2 day stay at The Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.
My investigation results were all better than last year.
I’m no longer taking any blood pressure medication.
I am due to see a new gynaecologist with a view to surgery.

The Negatives

I am exhausted from the sensory overload of being in hospital for 2 days.
I am terrified of further surgery.
As good as the investigation results were they aren’t normal and will never be normal.
I don’t have a date to start group therapy for OCD yet.

I am looking forward to my Slimming World group on Saturday but I am still physically and mentally recovering from my admission. I didn’t expect the 2 day stay to take so much out of me and I am surprised at just how tired and anxious I feel but the admission could not have gone better.


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