The H Team Update: The Tinky Truce


It’s been over 2 weeks now and although there is a general air of acceptance of Tinky settling into her new group of friends, there have been a few spats. These spats have been between Basil and Tinky as Basil cannot fathom why any female would reject him (go figure!) but Victory, one of my more spirited female Bengal pets has taken this temporary moment of discord to annoy Sally and even her sister, Fluffy! We had to give Basil a talking to, which consisted of holding him and saying no each time he argued with Tinky. It’s seems to have done the trick as there are much fewer spats.

Any how, Tiny is eating well, putting on weight, sleeping with the others and using litter trays appropriately so all is working out well. There is still competition to see who gets fuss first and how much fuss they get from me and hubby but we are treating them all fairly which in their language means they all think they are treated better than the others.

The prize they all compete for now is who accompanies me to the bathroom. Me being in the bathroom by myself is something the cats like to avoid, Sally makes a point of getting the bathroom and rolling around on the bath mat before anyone else. I don’t mind her as much as I mind the other girls as they shred the toilet tissue and lick my toothbrush if left to their own devices.

So in summary, the settling in is going as I expect, we still aren’t at a point of complete comfort and trust yet but their progress is about what I expect. No one has gone on hunger strike and they are all eating, drinking and looking well and asking for fuss. So all is well with Ajoobacats’ H-team, but I am looking forward to reporting Basil and Tinky curled up together in the near future.



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