Faith In The Plan

I have faith in the Slimming World Extra Easy Plan. I have waxed lyrical about it here before and I tell anyone who asks (or will listen) about it. I have lost over 11 kg of weight since January 2013. I haven’t had the fastest journey, but I have either maintained or lost from 0.5 lb to 4 lb at each weigh in since early May.

I haven’t been on a diet, I have been food optimising. I have eaten so I am never hungry, I have eaten everything from cakes, pastries, ice cream, chocolate, crisps to fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, healthy home made meals and takeaway. I have just done so knowing what I am eating and how to do it in moderation and not skip meals. I have explored my limits and I am an expert in what works or doesn’t work for me.

I couldn’t have successfully taken my weight loss journey if I had to starve or deprive myself or if the food I had to eat was limited and unappetising. I committed to the plan as a lifestyle change not a crash diet or a way to deprive myself of food. I have gained weight a few weeks at weigh in but I have found the reflex reaction to go without or miss meals after such weeks at group didn’t help me and was counterproductive. It was more productive to start afresh and not feel guilty over what I couldn’t changer rom the previous week.

When I lost my first stone I was in shock. I never thought I would be able to shift any weight, let alone shift it whilst eating plentiful meals and “regular” food. When I say regular food I mean food not high in sugar, fat, or refined flour, food you can buy in the supermarket without needing a degree in diet and nutrition because Slimming World have already come the hard work for you.

As a result to commitment to myself I no longer shop in the plus size clothes stores as I no longer require plus sizes, I enjoy being more active, and I enjoy caring for myself. I stopped caring for myself after putting the weight on and saw no point in getting regular haircuts etc if I weighed so much. I realise by showing myself a little love and respect I am better both inside and out.

My journey with Slimming World is far from over and I have my bad days like everyone else, I have my moments of insecurity and self doubt but I have faith in the plan, the extra easy eating plan and I have a safe house in the Slimming World meetings I go to. The worse my week the more I need to go to find enthusiasm, support and inspiration which has got me so far.

The plan works, but without belief in it and ourselves, without listening and taking the advice onboard, without understanding the basic principles, without the help and camaraderie of a good group it is infinitely difficult, no matter what weight is your starting weight.


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