Book Review: Hazardous Material by Kurt Kamm


A firefighter battles his painkiller addiction and the infamous Vagos outlaw motorcycle gang. He joins the Sheriff’s Department in a drone search for a meth lab in the Mojave Desert north of Los Angeles. An enigmatic aerospace scientist joins the intrigue. Hazardous Materials, illicit drugs and aerospace technology are brought together in the author’s fourth firefighter mystery.


I enjoyed reading this book as it was well researched and well written. Bucky works as a Hazmat officer and witnesses the death of his drug addicted sister, Brandy. He had lost contact with Brandy years ago but seeing her again raises questions about what happened to her. This mystery drives the allure of this book. It doesn’t glamorise or promote the biker lifestyle or the abuse of drugs but gives a very realistic view of the damage addiction can do.

Bucky himself is suffering with a Percocet addiction and is going through the stages of becoming an addict. Can he break the habit and find out what really happened o his sister? With his job on the line he delves into finding out about the last year of Brandy’s life.

I enjoyed the pace, science and information contained in this book as well as the thrills and mystery. I found reading about the Biker Gang culture both fascinating and grotesque in equal measure. A must read for those who like technology, science and thrillers.

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