Slimming World Bronze Award within my cross-hairs…


I am currently at day 2 of week 4 of my journey to the Slimming World Body Magic Bronze Award. I don’t particularly like exercise so starting this award was a last resort for me. If I could have done anything else (I include liposuction in this list) I would have. As I have mentioned before a time or two, our food optimisation was going very well. My husband and I have been on the Extra Easy Slimming World plan for almost 5 months. I found my weight loss slowing down as I approached my one stone weight loss milestone. After being reminded once again of the laws of energy I knew I had to take the plunge and commit to regular activity to accelerate any further weight loss.

My first week of exercise consisted of outdoor walks 3-4 times a week and daily Wii Fit sessions. My initial sessions on the Wii Fit were gentle but I exercised for a minimum of 15 minutes. My calf muscles and feet ached a lot this first week and I slept very well

The second week I was just as keen and gained my stone award but the third week, although I did walk once that week and exercise on the Wii Fit for 20-30 minutes a day, I managed to gain 0.5 lb. Those who know me were aware of family issues that had upset me, but I exacerbated the situation by not eating as well which led to hypoglycaemia, as I am taking insulin, which in turn led to the syns adding up this week.

Frustrated and annoyed again that despite what seems like huge effort on my part I have not lost any part of the 4 lbs I need to lose in order to achieve my club 10 award, I was resolute to really make this week count.

I started off by having a good walk for 50 minutes, I cleared part of my wardrobe to get rid and finally break ties with clothes size 18 and above, size 18 jeans fall down when I stand and I have no wish to fit into them again. So to support the great throw away programme Slimming World are initiating with Cancer Research UK I am donating my plus sized clothing. Anything size 16 and below can stay…for now.

I knew I needed to pick up the pace so I tried virtual jogging on the Wii this week too. I’m not much of a jogger so this was a big step for me, but I needed to simulate the cardiovascular workout indoors on the Wii that I get when I walk outdoors, for the sake of variety if nothing else.

I am doing this for me and so I deserve the best I can do, with that in mind I forge forward towards another award, not as fast as many others in my group but with the intention of making sustainable changes in my life to be healthier and lighter. Watch this space for my next award and weight loss…

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