Slimming World: The Detour


Yesterday was the the first Saturday I did not attend a Slimming world meeting since January this year. I felt guilty but I am allowed a week off to meet friends and do something different. My weight loss journey has felt a little stale to me in the last few weeks and I have maintained or lost very little.

I concluded last week that I needed to exercise more and I have completed week one of Body Magic Bronze award and today I start week two. My husband has informed me he has found an amazing place for us to take a 45 minute to 1 hour walk (not jog yet as my fitness level has yet to embrace jogging) to get this weeks ball rolling. My Wii fit plus game arrived yesterday.

We lunched at the rather pleasant Malmaison brasserie on Saturday at the Mailbox in Birmingham. It is a lovely setting to meet friends and I tried very hard to stay on plan which I did until dessert. The Hot Chocolate Sundae was my undoing but I don’t feel deprived and the memory of the sumptuous dessert is enough to keep me motivated and on track for the coming weeks.

I hope to renew my commitment next week and purchase a 12 week pass as it makes economic sense and I will be committed to keep going every week to the meetings and continue to be motivated by Denise our Slimming World consultant, who is enthusiastic no matter what the weather or political climate. I wish I had her energy! Denise is probably around my mothers age but is very fit and a beacon for what Slimming World want to do for us aspiring slimmers. After returning from my day out with friends I was surprised to find an email from Denise in my inbox. We were missed at the meeting this week and she encouraged us to make our way back to the meeting next week.

I think taking this Saturday off was necessary for me to gather my thoughts and enthusiasm for the coming 12 weeks. My mission is to achieve my stone award and my club 10, both of which are waiting in the wings for me and continue to lose weight to be in a healthy BMI and be more active.

My body aches from all the unexpected exercise it has had to endure in the past week but I hope these aches subside soon and I feel more energetic. I am doing more than I was this time last year and my clothes are looser. I have many reasons to continue this journey and I hope to leap the next few fences with grace.



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  2. I owe my wieght loss of nearly 2 stone to the commitment, support & cooking to you Babus. I yearn for you to feel fulfilled and content with your amazing wieghloss despite the health difficulties you face on a daily basis.

    I know I could not be so resolute, you are my inspiration to strive to be better than I would otherwise be.

    I cannot thank you enough. Here I am saying a heart felt Thanks my amazing Babus.


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