The Slimming Equation

I have reached an impasse in my weight loss. This week I maintained and last week I lost a lb. this is a very different part of the graph from by 2-3 lb losses from when I first started food optimisation. My husband is losing weight well and achieved his club 10 award. So our food is spot on but I need to move more.

The basic rules of entropy cannot be subverted by slimming clubs: energy in has to be less than energy consumed in order to lose weight. The bottom line is I need to move around a lot more. So I have embarked on filling in FIT logs and taking up this body magic challenge. It’s early days yet but I am aching from the additional exercise I am so not used to doing.

So far this week I have managed an hour of cardiovascular exercise. I have dug out the Nintendo Wii from amongst the mothballs and even found shrink wrapped games which I had good intentions of using to achieve fitness in 2007 when I bought the contraption and all it’s trappings. The good news is I am 10 lbs lighter now than I was in 2007 and my Wii Fit age is 40! Only 2 years more than my actual age! This is great as I feel like I’m 90!

I have enjoyed the Wii immensely over the weekend and I really do have the best of intentions to keep it a regular part of my physical activity, but nothing beats a good purposeful stroll in one of the many parks around us. Watching the ducks swim, the dogs take their exercise and kids play football as well as the adults indulging in jogging, cycling and in some cases rollerblading is all part of the charm of going for a walk.

Without sounding any more antisocial than I am, I enjoyed isolating myself with my in-ear headphones and delighting in whatever happened to be playing on my iPod. I didn’t feel I had to make conversation and just concentrated on my breathing and the scenery. This is exercise I could really get used to.

So if my weight does not start coming down at the rate it was 4 weeks ago I am either being slack on my food optimisation or I am not exercising enough. I hope I manage to balance both this week.


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