Book Review: Faceless by Dustin Sanchez


Faceless contains three “arcs” to its story.

Arc 1: NightCard, a private genetic engineering agency, has been creating experiments with a multitude of astounding abilities. Experiment 1343, or “Faceless” as he calls himself, is one of them. He was genetically designed with the ability to rip his face off and morph it into anyone he can imagine. His hyper-reflexes, along with diverse martial arts training, make him the perfect spy. Craving freedom he escapes to Paris in search for the woman he met and fell in love with as a child. NightCard sends the Four Kings, their best assassins, with orders to bring him back dead or alive, and they may be closer than he thinks. The girl he met as a child was treated for a psychotic break. Her unbelievable story about a man who could tear off his face had her parents believing she was crazy. She grew to be a beautiful artist, and her collection of art features a faceless man dancing with a woman. Spade, one of NightCard’s Four Kings is a lover, as well as a fighter with a habit of spending too much time with too many women. He has been searching for something to quench his hunger. Spade befriends a man that’s in desperate need of help getting the girl of his dreams, not realizing it’s the very man he is supposed to be hunting.

Arc 2: years before the events of arc 1, Joan Saint, the former caretaker of Faceless, is forced into NightCard’s Gene Coliseum. The Gene Coliseum forces experiments to fight each other the in bone breaking fights to weed out the weak while the rich and corrupt watch on for sport. A captured man named Fractal, with the ability to split himself off into multiple copies, plans his escape back to the life he used to know. Inside the Coliseum he faces telepaths, assassins, and a young Faceless.

(Mild Spoiler Warning)

Arc 3: Faceless meets with Fractal in an attempt to charge the NightCard base Fati, where they will try and take something and someone they both sorely need. Fractal has his team the Living, and together with Faceless, they are in for the fight of their lives, one of which may not return.

Faceless includes an array of characters, all uniquely brought to life with unconventional powers. Featured within are bone-shattering fights and a romance story that will touch the heart and remind us what love really is.


This futuristic fantasy is explicit and reads like a graphic novel. It outlines a world where NightCard a large organisation based in France genetically experiments with mutant abilities. These experiments are contained and pitted against each other.

When one such experiment dreams to be free a series of events ensues. But is he the first to want freedom?

This reads like a YA novel aimed at young adults. It’s full of action and is entertaining but for me it lacks depth of character and a better grasp of grammar. It reads as if written in a particular street vernacular, which probably won’t bug some people as much as it bugged me.



  1. I appreciate the review, and as an avid reader of comics and manga, I’m happy you believe that it reads like a graphic novel. I had been trying to get my novel more exposure. So again, I want you to know I very much appreciate you and your website.


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