Book Review: The Case Of The Pig In The Evening Suit by RR Gall


An ordinary man. A far from ordinary detective.

The Case of the Pig in the Evening Suit is the first book in a trilogy of murder mystery thrillers.

In the Scottish town of Dumfries, people come to Jin Johnstone with their problems – but this can lead to problems of his own.

A missing son, a beautiful, enigmatic woman, a pig in an evening suit: it is the swift start to a deadly turn of events.


Jin Johnstone is a person who likes to investigate in relatively quiet Dumfries, he takes on local cases to help people who need him to fond people or get to the bottom of local mysteries. He’s not a policeman or trained by the military but just an ordinary guy. The discovery of a Pig in an evening suit and it’s subsequent investigation leads him to mortal danger, but who would try and kill him and why? At the same time a body is discovered, is this linked to the danger Jin faces. The mystery that unravels is enthralling.

I loved this quirky and eventful novel with all it’s twists. Jin Johnstone and his friend Åsa make quite a detective team and RR Gall doesn’t hold back tossing his protagonist into all sorts of danger. The book was funny, witty and absorbing,

A completely fresh and entertaining take on crime mystery. This is the first of a trilogy and I highly recommend this read.


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