When Alex McBride inherited Mulligan’s Reach, an island twenty-five miles off the East coast of Australia, she considered her world contained and ordered. There was no-one to hurt her or break her heart again. And if her friend and business partner, Jodie Lower, hadn’t made a huge mistake regarding the suitability of their stud horse, things may have remained that way. In an attempt to rectify her mistake, Jodie asks for help from her old friend Kane Mitchell who owns a proven stud horse. When Kane arrives on the island, Alex’s world spins out of control. Kane Mitchell is undeniably attractive and Alex senses instinctively that he spells trouble. When inexplicable things begin to happen, initial suspicion falls on Kane but Alex’s disturbed past means that she could be the one responsible. Who’s to blame? Kane or Alex… or is it someone else? Alex soon discovers that paradise is not all it seems. Mulligan’s Reach has a dark past that slowly begins to unravel. Everything and everyone on the island is in danger … but from whom or what? Alex had never run from anything. Would she now?


A love story unfolds on an island where something or someone is trying to kill Alex McBride. Alex and business partner Jodie have set up a business to breed horses on an island off Mainland Australia. Alex has sworn off trusting men after her harrowing experience with Peter. She is attracted to Kane who has traveled to her island with a stud horse to cover the mares on her stud farm. Alex habours great distrust towards Kane. Is she right about him? Frustration, suspense and heartbreak is experienced as this tale unfolds. This thriller has you on the edge of your seat as you watch the battle between Alex, her fears and whatever is lurking on Mulligan’s Reach.

This is a well presented romance novel with a lot of suspense. It is easy to read and grabs you from the get go. The dialogue was good but I was a bit confused when the Texans sounded like Australians in my head. The characterisation was exemplary, I could picture the characters very easily, Orbell makes the horses come to life by giving them personality which makes then an endearing part of the story. I loved this from beginning to the end.

An absorbing romance suspense thriller which makes you want to read more from this eloquent author.