Book Review: Employee of the Year by Dmitiri Ragano


A mystery of corporate America, Employee of the Year is set in a Los Angeles call center where danger lurks behind every cubicle.

Temo McCarthy is a humble call agent in the Passion Financial collections department. He spends his days “dialing deadbeats”, convincing broke, desperate credit card customers to pay their overdue balances.

Temo wants to win the Employee of the Year award, a $100,000 prize that goes to the top agent in the call center. This will give Temo and his young family a foundation that he himself never had growing up in a broken home.

The week before Passion’s CEO is set to announce the Employee of the Year, Temo finds his call center rival gunned down in the company parking lot.

As police proceed with the murder investigation, Temo realizes he must find the killer in order to prove his own innocence.


A wonderful thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Ragano writes from the fore front and keeps readers mesmerised with this fast paced mystery crime thriller. I loved Temo! What a character. I could relate and rooted for him throughout. I am not giving away spoilers as it would ruin the impact of the story.

I loved how down to earth this book was in the narrative and how choices made by Temo felt justified to those of us who perhaps would have chosen differently. I felt a great sense of satisfaction when Temo did well and a sense of loss when he didn’t. I found myself totally absorbed into his world. I gasped in horror, delight and was immersed in the world of call center politics and beyond. I wish this had been proof read before being published though as there were multiple typos and grammatical errors. I accept some of it may have been in keeping with the vernacular but a lot wasn’t. I would have awarded 5 stars if I hadn’t encountered these issues in the Kindle edition. There was a little repetition which made me think this book may have been meant to be split up into parts, but other than that it didn’t feel like a chore reading this large book which is a definite page turner.

Action, mystery, character and a great narrative. I am reading the sequel currently and I hope I find it as absorbing.


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