University professor Harold Treadwell’s extended sleep stasis research seeks new treatments for illnesses not yielding to conventional methodologies.  His study goes far beyond the rest required for good health.   Harold’s specially designed sleep stasis chamber provides the necessary subject isolation.

What he finds is astonishing, perilous, and with implications that extend far beyond Philadelphia, PA.


I enjoyed the way this scientific thriller started. I liked the characters, I thought the concept was remarkable and I could overlook the unethical way the research continued, as lets face it more sinister things have happened in history.

I found it difficult to stay patient with the choices made without any real thought by the characters and the naivety with which they made decisions and the government would not have easily lost them and found it too difficult to find them, as they had cell phone numbers to cell phones which were kept on…Inconsistency in the application of the science we already know and the lack of any forethought of their discovery being taken out of their control by the powers that be, didn’t work for me.

Despite this I think Alternative Lives is a good read and although it irked me because of these issues I’m sure others will enjoy it.