Book Review: The White Swan: Introducing Johnny Jordan by Paul Morrison


Johnny Jordan is a lovable psychic entertainer, wowing audiences whilst boosting his own ever growing ego! When a grieving family, in his home town of York, contact him to speak with their murdered loved one from beyond the grave he can’t help but get involved. Way over his head lacking any psychic ability and facing the biggest performance of his career, he wades in believing he can solve the murder that has baffled the police for over a year. Risking not only himself but also his young, but far more able, cousin, the mystery holds a twist that neither of them could predict leaving Johnny Jordan in mortal danger.

This is a light hearted modern day mystery written in a traditional style.


I would have loved to give this book 3 and a half stars. I thought the plot was good but I couldn’t like Johnny at all. I feel he needs to be a loveable rogue of the story but I just couldn’t like him. He was a charlatan, and he knew it and for me it’s hard to see a favourable protagonist when he is basically deceptive. He came across as brash, arrogant and shallow and I wasn’t convinced he could be insightful and so oblivious to the danger etc at the same time. Johnny is no Patrick Jane and with a reference to The Mentalist in the book I wonder if we were supposed to see him in a similar light.

I didn’t guess the whodunit so the mystery was well written. The dynamics between Johnny and Frankie were ok, not the sparkling wit and repartee that I expected or was expected to enjoy. I felt Frankie was the more interesting character. I enjoyed the family element of this book, Frankie and Johnny are cousins, they are close, they see Frankie’s mum and Johnny struggles with his mothers ill health. The murder they investigate is within the bounds of a close family too which is interesting.

I thought the book was ok, but I wasn’t dazzled.


The White Swan: Introducing Johnny Jordan by Paul Morrison at Amazon UK

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