Killing bad people isn’t wrong, or so Marcy thinks.

Her boyfriend Sydney steals a video camera and they film Marcy doing a striptease and then murdering Syd’s uncle. They never expected Syd’s cousin to run away with the camera, and then lose it to a ruthless detective. Now the detective has a murder on film, but no body, and he sets out to break Syd and Marcy rather than just uphold the law.


Syd and Marcy are two very damaged individuals who have their own warped set of morals. Both have had troubled childhoods and protect themselves emotionally the only way they know how. Their meeting is a catalyst for the crime spree they begin. Blaine is the Detective on their tail but has demons of his own. As this cat and mouse game continues we are left to decide who the villain really is in this crime thriller.

I enjoyed reading Sydney and Marcy as Beaird Glover has a distinctive voice and tells this story very well. He gives you the information to decide for yourself about his flawed characters. Parts of this book are quite horrific, it’s dark and there is some black humour. He sets the scene well in the Deep South. An engaging short read.