Life looks good for insurance fraud investigator Annie Raymond or rather that’s how she spins it. There’s a ghost of a chance, but can she take it? Can she live with herself if she fakes evidence? Can she live with the consequences if she doesn’t? Distracted, Annie takes her eye off the ball not realising she has vital evidence in a case she thought wasn’t her business. And someone close is determined she will never deliver it.


Annie Raymond returns in her role as a PI in The Doll Makers which is set closer to home. Annie is an equal share partner in a PI outfit that investigates insurance fraud in London, unfortunately things aren’t going so well and the money she has invested in the firm and the finances of their Aunt are in dire straits. As Annie returns to Scotland to tell her aunt and father about her financial misfortunes her father is suddenly busy as part of a human leg is found in the local loch. This is another fast paced absorbing read from Penny Grubb and we are shown more about Annie’s past. We learn what happened to Annie’s mother and the role of a local cult in mysterious events spanning 2 decades.