There’s one constant love I remember from the age of 5. Shoes. Before Carrie Bradshaw and the rise of Manolo Blahnik and before I even understood the concept of fashion, I loved shoes. Going back as far as I can remember, my very first passion for shoes was at the age of 5 when I wanted a pair of gold strappy platform sandals or as I simply called them “Golden Shoes.” I begged my parents for weeks until I actually got a pair and wore them to jump on my parents’ leather 3 piece suite, they were too good to take off whilst indulging in this particular activity. I subsequently fell and needed an x-ray for a queried broken arm. I remember falling, screaming and being comforted by my mother and the subsequent disappearance of those “Golden Shoes.” I still loved them though.

The second pair I had a passion for were a pair of black suede ankle strap low heel wedges. I don’t claim to be faithful to a single pair of shoes but these were very special. I was 6 and again, loved these shoes. I was devastated when I grew out of them and never found another pair quite like them again, even though ankle straps are ill advised with my short legs.

In 2013 my love for shoes continues, despite a rather shameful detour into crocs 2007-2010 (I know). The new year kicked off (pun intended) with a lovely pair of black lace up part suede wedge ankle boots (thank you Caterina-it’s amazing to have a bestfriend who shares my thoughts and love of shoes!). These were followed very closely by a heavily discounted pair of slender mid heel brown leather mules, which are a little controversial for me as I never know with what to pair light brown shoes. I’m thinking indigo jeans and a not-black top?

My husband indulged me with a pair of Hi tec trainers and walking boots which I love and are supposed to motivate me to seek more physical exercise with him. I have been strutting around in the walking boots as they actually look rather great with jeans but have yet to break out (or should that be break in?) the trainers.

The pièce de resistance however so far this year are my Kurt Geiger Ballet Shoes in Liquorice. They are exquisite. I have resisted ballet shoes and flats as I’m barely 5 ft 1 in, and rely on what little height I can get from shoes but these called to me. I think I have fallen in love like I did when I was 5…