Arabel Spade, a young girl living in the strange and mystical land of The Corvids, determines to solve a brutal series of murders using her unique paranormal abilities. Through her perilous journey, Arabel learns about herself, the dark secrets which stain her family history and the passions and rigors of first love.


This is a delightful fantasy mystery thriller set in an imaginary world of gypsies, magic and spells where ladies wear gowns, people ride horses or travel in carriages and the spirit world is very real. The book begins at the scene of a gruesome murder and our female protagonist Arabel is determined to find out who is behind the crime and why. During the course of her self directed investigations Arabel finds clues that her family’s history is not what she believed and as she nears the source of danger responsible for the murders more light is shed on what occurred to her late grandfather and her parents.

Lisa Anne Brown has created a magical world in which this story is set and Arabel is a strong heroine. There is a charming romantic twist and a lot of magic. As enjoyable as the book is to read it loses pace halfway through but does end climatically on a cliffhanger. I look forward to reading the sequel due out in May this year.