The Slimming World Excursion

Both my husband and I have steadily put on weight over our last 10 years together. We have had sporadic bursts of going to the gym but we never made any attempt to diet. After hearing about the success of numerous friends who joined Slimming World I advised my husband we were both going to join to get healthier.

After many scheduling conflicts and the like, we finally managed to get get to our first meeting on Saturday. I had been reading and learning the terms etc for some weeks so had a little idea of what to expect. We were overwhelmed with the amount of members who attended and the amount of information we had to assimilate in order to adapt our eating habits but watching members get their landmark achievements was quite encouraging and seeing so many people taking part and returning to Slimming world post-Chistmas was also very positive to see.

The success stories online and of our consultant makes me feel we a headed in the right direction and my husband has really embraced the rules and system. We found we needed more structured portion control and needed to replace unhealthy options with healthier alternatives. The goals we have set have given us something to aim towards and we will be looking forward to next Saturday with great anticipation to see what our changes produce in terms of weight loss.


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