Book Review: Gifted by Jamie Campbell

This is a well written paranormal mystery set in present day Australia. The author really is a very gifted story teller and the narrative kept me gripped until the end.

Cate has recently lost her husband and lives in a gran old home in the Australian countryside. The house was their dream home and Cate hoped to restore it and turn it int a B and B. Worried about her sister, Charlie comes to stay with Cate with Blair her boyfriend. The idea is to help Cate fix up the property.

Strange events ensue and Charlie, Blair and Cate are drawn into the history surrounding the house and the spirits that still reside there. A 200 year old unsolved murder in a haunted house with a malevolent spirit even a medium is frightened to cross, sets the scene for a gripping read.

I cannot emphasise how much I enjoyed reading this book and have already bought Ashes to Ashes. I think Jamie Campbell is a natural at weaving intriguing tales and I look forward to reading more from her. This is the best paranormal mystery I have read in a while. Move over Herbert and King.


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