The New Year Dilemma

I always feel there’s something I should be doing to end one rotation of the earth around the sun, but cannot fathom what I should or shouldn’t do today, as opposed to what I do the rest of the year. There’s a certain pressure to be innately happy and revel with party-goers and those who club, aka those who like a lot of drink, but being a non-drinker and exceptionally jaded, shouldn’t mean I don’t partake in this momentous occasion that I will more likely remember the next day.

The alternative to reveling is staying at home and being brainwashed by the media circus on TV. Fond memories of Clive James rounding off the year come back to me from when I was teenager too young to choose my form of marking the year-end, but I’m not so easily amused, more argumentative and much more cynical today.

As with all momentous occasions that warrant a Bank Holiday, my husband is working and grabbing every bit of overtime he can get in these financially precarious times. Or maybe it’s his way of avoiding these choices of how we appear to be happy, well-balanced individuals who love life and the world and everyone in it.

In reality I will welcome the New Year in with the help of chocolate and a running commentary of what the telly is showing from my best friend via text message. I might even squeeze in an old film or two before going to bed. I’ll probably watch something comforting like Terminator or Alien.

I believe in self-improvement so I hope to make true intentions to better myself for the coming year and I wish everyone else a prosperous and productive New Year and the inner strength and conviction to make the world a better place and gain more applicable wisdom. For my part I need to learn to use commas more appropriately. Best New Year wishes to all.


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