The End of 2012

I woke at 7 am to read the news and was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of the 23 year old Delhi gang rape victim. What makes this awful event so personal is that it could be anyone of us who is assaulted in this way. It could happen to me, a friend or family member. The frustration felt by those protesting is not far from my mind as I can envisage the inaction faced when this crime was reported. Perceptions need to change. It’s the 21st century, of all our industrial, technological and scientific breakthroughs we haven’t found a way to respect each other. Women are part of society they are equal, they deserve respect. This is just being human.

2012 ends with a great sense of sadness. I will struggle today as I try not to obsess over the waste of a precious and promising life.



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